Chapter 822: Hiyoriyama Park (日和山公園)

Hiyoriyama Park (日和山公園)

Not to be confused with the Hiyoriyama Park in Sakata City in Yamagata. This is the Hiyoriyama Park (日和山公園) in Ishinomaki. When I arrived there were some elderly people chilling on the benches, because I was by myself they were very very welcoming to see an unfamiliar face. Truly welcoming and lovely people!

The park is at the peak of mount Hiyoriyama, by this point I grew legs of steel. The park overlooks Kadonowaki and Minamihama which are residential areas of city. The sad history surrounding Ishinomaki is the tragic event of the 2011 tsunami which lead to over 500 people losing their lives. Some areas of Ishinomaki has yet to be rebuilt due to the damage of the event it will take more time. But, I can not stress how much I love this city. Beautiful and peaceful.


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