Chapter 825: Citadines Shinjuku Tokyo (シタディーン新宿東京)

I do love Citadines apart’hotels because they always offer bigger space than normal hotels since it’s a hybrid between an apartment and hotel. This was the one in Shinjuku and I stay here for 2 nights. I paid a total of £178.91 via Expedia. It’s bit more pricy than other places, but I wanted to stay around Shinjuku Station because I will be heading off on a tour bus which will take me to the Ghibli Museum. It’s difficult to get tickets, so it was a way where I’d be able to go. The hotel has a bus stop just outside and there is a bus that will take you to Shinjuku Station in less than 10 mins. Walking take about 20 mins. So all was very very convenient. My room was very quiet and I felt super cosy.


6 thoughts on “Chapter 825: Citadines Shinjuku Tokyo (シタディーン新宿東京)

  1. At least for that price you can cook for yourself if you’re feeling too tried to go out look for a restaurant : ) And the convenience of being where you wanted to be for your tour also made up for the price. Sometimes you just have to make a decision on accommodation or you might lose out altogether and have nowhere to stay! I must remember that place for the future : )

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