Chapter 826: Sendai Gyutan Hot Bento / Ekiben

Before I went back to Tokyo, I made sure to grab a Gyutan Bento Box from Sendai Station. This was my first time trying a hot bento box, what’s the difference to a normal bento?

This one is special, if you pull the string it will instantly heat up the entire box. So you will enjoy a hot steamy meal rather than the usual cold ones you’ll find in other stations. The taste is not bad, still pretty good but of course you can’t compare this to the actual real thing from a restaurant where it’s freshly made. The meat was a bit firm but overall, a good lunch with good flavour, and it even came with a side of pickles.

Originally I was going to eat it on the shinkansen journey but the carriage I was on was full, and I was standing throughout the entire journey. So in the end I had to saved it for when I checked into the hotel and believe me I was super hungry and excited to try this bento / ekiben. Maybe I’m just easily impressed but I think it’s super cool that Japan has these innovative ways to make it convenient when you don’t have a portable microwave!


6 thoughts on “Chapter 826: Sendai Gyutan Hot Bento / Ekiben

  1. Looks so good! I’m curious, but how long is your Japan trip, and are you still traveling? I’ve been enjoying your posts for so long, and it seems like you never run out of new content!

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    1. Thank you 😊
      This is from last April and May, trying to get that out the way, then I’m going to start new chapters of my December 2019 trip to Okinawa and Kagoshima. At the moment no sadly we are all in lock down and I’m working from home…. I had to cancel my Taiwan and Hokkaido trip for this month and my longer trip to Japan in May… very sad but hopefully things will get better soon ….

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