Chapter 837: Dinner at Kipposhi (吉法師), Blue Ramen!

Finding Kipposhi (吉法師) was a little challenging, google kept telling me I missed it again and again as I was walking up and down the street of Shibuya. I had to widen my eyes to find any signs, although not obvious you would have to enter through a building to take you to a hallway. There, on the left hand side you’ll see a sign. It’s no way near a fancy place, it’s very casual and reminded me a little bit of a school cafe with a very basic and minimalistic layout.

I decided to for their signature dish, Blue Ramen! The ramen isn’t blue but the chicken broth is. For 900 Yen you grab a very photogenic dish. It comes with slices of chicken breasts, a boiled egg and little bits of greens. Look-wise, definitely a beautiful colour that reminds me of Okinawa waters. Taste-wise, it was basic, quite good with a very light taste, but not extremely satisfying compared to other ramen places. But certainly, a beautiful work of art. If you don’t like blue, they also have pink ginger, green muscat and brown/black soy sauce.

Overall, a very pretty bowl of ramen.


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