Chapter 838: Travel Notes And My Adidas Pokémon Shoes

Travel first and blog later. That’s how I work.

So whenever I’m travelling the most important thing for me is to not only remember to take pictures, but to keep a short memo of things, it’s like having a little diary on-the-go. Nothing too fancy, just using my phone’s note app by making brief bullet points each day would do.

Although, I consider myself to have quite a good memory, I may need a little kick in the brain at times to recall e.g. Names of locations, and what JR line I took or the taste of the food I ate, my mood or some details of what happened on that particular day. I work full time in an office, so taking notes / keeping memos come quite naturally to me.

Last month I bought these Pokémon shoes from Adidas. They were the last ones in stock on the website and I just had to get them. I ordered them and got them delivered to an Adidas store near my office, that afternoon I took the chance to go grab them during my lunch break. Super happy with them. I bought them with the intention to wear them on my next travels. But, unfortunately because of the current Covid-19 situation, they have remained unworn. Soon, I shall make use of them!!


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