Chapter 839: I was in Tokyo During The Start of Reiwa

Last year I was in Hokkaido and I was in my hotel watching TV at night as they focused on the new era of Japan! No longer was it Heisei as Reiwa brought the country to a new start! On TV they were super hyped about it and I remember they were showing how some people decided to spend their last day of Heisei, some went to take a selfie at the Heisei station sign, some people just had a normal day. There was a couple who just had a baby and it sparked so much joy for them to have a Reiwa baby.

I then went to Tokyo on the same week and saw that there were many flags on the lamp posts. Japan’s marking of a new era is very fascinating for me. Back home in the UK we only have the new year and the Queens birthday. So it was so cool being in Japan whilst the new era started. I remember on TV they were showing long lines of people at the shrines, and a short history lesson about the new Emperor and Empress.


4 thoughts on “Chapter 839: I was in Tokyo During The Start of Reiwa

  1. I was in Hiroshima during the transition, but I was in Tokyo in the last days of Heisei. I saw handwritten ‘Goodbye Heisei’ signs, and some people selling Reiwa merch. Japan has always had a talent for merchandising!


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