Chapter 840: Using the Monkey Lockers at Tokyo Station

Because of a change of plans. I stayed in Tokyo a little longer, so I checked out of my original hotel at Shinjuku and put my luggage in the lockers at Tokyo Station. That evening I booked myself in at a small Ryokan in Asakusa. But, this was the day were I would be doing a short day trip to Kanazawa. I found space in the Monkey lockers as I needed a large locker, it was 800 Yen to use for the day and I used my IC Card to pay. It’s super convenient!


6 thoughts on “Chapter 840: Using the Monkey Lockers at Tokyo Station

  1. Speaking of monkeys, have you seen the snow macaques at Mt. Takao? For me that’s one of the most fun places to visit. I’m all about cats, obviously, but I find primates fascinating as well. I highly recommend the monkey park.

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