Chapter 847: Kanazawa Noto Beef (金沢能登牛)

Wagyu fans assemble! I’ve had Kobe Beef and Hida Beef. And now, Noto Beef which is another breed of kuroge wagyu raised in Noto in the Ishikawa prefecture. High quality beef is just so delicious, Noto beef also had a very smooth and melty texture. The kushiyaki was delicious, bursting with flavour and I bought myself a set of 2 nigiri, to die for!! I wanted more but it’s quite pricy which you’d expect. The skewer piece was 900 Yen and the nigiri set was 700 Yen. But, it’s definitely so worth it!! Even on the sign of the shop is says A5! The best of the best…Heaven!! By the way I was so happy eating I forgot to make a note of the shops name…But I’m sure you won’t miss it in Omicho as it has a big golden cow statue!!


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