Chapter 850: Takaoka Great Buddha (高岡大仏)

Takaoka Great Buddha (高岡大仏)

So last spring I was in Kanazawa and wanted to make a visit to Tonami to see the tulips!! But the train the going there was very delayed and although a few people like myself were waiting and waiting on the platform…It didn’t seem to want to come. So luckily I had a plan B, I got on the next train to Takaoka Station. Then walked about 10 mins and found BUDDHA! This is one of the great Buddha statues in Japan, I’ve visited 3 others which are located in Nara in the Todaiji Temple; Kamakura and Fukuoka, and I was super impressed.

The Takaoka Great Buddha was completed in 1933. Compared to its brothers, the scale of it appears to be much smaller. It’s about 15.85 metres in height and weights 65 tons. There’s an entrance at the base and visitors can visit free of charge. On the day there were a few people around but overall, a very very quiet town. If you’re in Takaoka, don’t miss visiting Buddha! I didn’t spend too long here either, just a short little visit. The interior is small and it’s filled with ornaments and a praying area at the entrance.


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