Chapter 853: Takaoka Gokoku Shrine (高岡市護国神社)

Takaoka Gokoku Shrine (高岡市護国神社)

A charming little shrine in Takaoka. This is one of the Gokoku branches, others are located in Fukuoka, Hiroshima, Nagoya, Takayama, Asahikawa..and Kyoto..Not sure if I missed out some places. When I visited last May, it had cute and colour koinobori hanging on the front of the shrine. Love them so much!!


3 thoughts on “Chapter 853: Takaoka Gokoku Shrine (高岡市護国神社)

  1. I know the Hiroshima Gokoku-jinja well! It’s in the grounds of the castle, I saw a car being blessed there before.

    I liked the Fukuoka Gokoku-jinja even more though. I was there for Obon, there were thousands of painted lanterns and Shinto devotional music… and a gospel choir!


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