Chapter 872: Asakusa Kaminarimon (浅草 雷門)

This is probably one of the most iconic scenes in Tokyo. The Kaminarimon in Asakusa! Which is the gateway to the Sensoji Temple. The gate was originally built during 942 AD but it was then relocated to where it is right now. Of course like many of Japan’s major historical sites the Kaminarimon was reconstructed due being burnt down several times. The gate you see nowadays dates back to 1960. The kanji on the big red lantern 風雷神門 furaijinmon means: Gate for Gods of Wind and Thunder. Whilst 雷門 kaminarimon means thunder gate. Pretty epic isn’t it?


5 thoughts on “Chapter 872: Asakusa Kaminarimon (浅草 雷門)

    1. It’s more like a mall than a temple. Very commercialized and very, very crowded. The approach to the temple is like an outdoor market with stalls selling tourist crap. But the temple architecture itself is something to behold, a great example of Japanese architecture, and quite a few locals get dressed up in traditional gear to go there. I saw many women in kimonos, and there was a woman singing traditional Japanese songs on a makeshift stage just off the temple grounds.

      It’s not the kind of quiet, contemplative place we normally think of, but it’s still fun to visit.

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      1. Thanks for the tip! Probably the reason why there was no urgency for me to go was because of the reviews about some tourist traps. But I’m keen on seeing the architecture in person. Hope I can go back. I miss Japan

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  1. Feels like only yesterday I was there with a Japanese friend as well as the Sensoji temple where she explained how to wash my hands the right way before praying. It was crowded but it is a popular place to visit. Expecting it all to yourself and for it to be serene and peaceful is unrealistic (except maybe now but for the wrong reasons!).

    I read today that they have just given the paper lantern (提灯) a makeover, as such, by giving it a new shell (or fresh layer of paper). Same script on it obviously.

    Did you buy anything at the market stalls Tofu? I was happy to buy some stuff at the stalls that I still have and use today from that visit (over 10 years ago, I’ve been to Japan since obviously but not back there).

    I imagine a lot of people must be praying here and at other temples in the current situation (despite the fact they probably should not be out at all!)

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  2. Hope you don’t mind I called you Tofu. I should really have added -chan or -san but I was wondering if you bought anything at the market and was worried I had annoyed you by addressing you as that.


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