Chapter 875: Cool Shibuya Mark City Art

I got lost…I was looking to get myself to the coach station and found this really cool art piece! When I got my High Way Bus ticket online, it just said Shibuya Station (Mark City) no map. And it was early in the morning so there weren’t a lot of people around at the time. Then there was a business man (probably in his late 30’s early 40’s) who approached me asking: where are you going? Do you have a boyfriend? You’re cute and do you have Line? It wasn’t something I wanted to engage in so I moved away in silence. I then managed to find a lovely member of staff at the station and he told me to take the lift up and I’ll see a sign to the coach parking area. Then I met the bus driver waiting at the lot, he had my name on the list and I was seated by the window near the front.


2 thoughts on “Chapter 875: Cool Shibuya Mark City Art

  1. Oof, that encounter sounds creepy. At least you did the right thing by disengaging! I’m so bad at knowing what to do in those situations that I often just end up smiling and nodding against my intentions…

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