Chapter 890: Biggest Regrets of My Life

Got these little fridge magnets from Tomamu in Hokkaido during spring 2018, Cute right?

Everyone has some regrets. Some more than others. My biggest regret in life was not taking up the opportunity to travel internationally when I was younger. I just didn’t have the balls to do so back then. I’d love to go back in time and whack my younger self on the head and tell her off spending so much money on rubbish. Another regret was dating all the guys that appeared in my life before 2017. Every single one of them were…sorry to say this but, a big waste of my time, effort, and energy. My brain has blocked them from rewinding any memories of them. Seriously, what was I thinking? They say, your past shapes you to who you are today. I don’t know what shape I am now, maybe a bit rounder than usual? But, all I know is…My one true passion is getting on that long haul flight, binge watch movies on that small economy screen, suffer some jet-lag, check into a hotel, and wake up ready to explore somewhere new, eat new foods, and being camera ready!!


10 thoughts on “Chapter 890: Biggest Regrets of My Life

  1. I can say that I fully understand your regrets completely! It wasn’t until my last relationship broke down and ended badly I finally got the courage to travel solo. I haven’t looked back since. It is comforting to know that other people have had the same experiences .

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    1. We will travel again and explore new places and be free and strong!! I felt like I wasted so much time and effort and threw half of my life away for people who were holding me back and I just didn’t think about what I wanted at all. To make up for my lost time, I’m going to start planning more trips…But of course until the current covid19 situation is over and that it becomes safe again but there’s no harm in dreaming and doing some research on interesting places 🙂

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      1. Of course! With all the free time people have, it doesn’t hurt to start planning for when we can eventually travel again.

        So many countries out there on my list I still need to explore. I also wish to follow in your footsteps and see much more of Japan than I already have.

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      2. This is the story of my life too hun…I think women in their 20s have this same experience. I had over 100 pairs of shoes and a terrible run of horrible boyfriends who were not nice, what a waste of time, you are so right, travelling is so much better 😉🌞🌻

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  2. I relate so much to this. I got married shortly after turning 18, and I didn’t realise the person was such a toxic human being. I ended up stuck in the relationship for ten years. sometimes when I look back at that time, I wish I could go back and smack myself upside the head. I can’t help but wonder on all the opportunities I lost during those ten years. But since I can’t change it, I work hard to make sure that I never make the same mistakes again. Not just with dating, but also with taking chances and bulldozing through my fears to do the things that I’m passionate about. In a way, I think our terrible histories and mistakes help prepare us to make the best of the present and future, which we probably wouldn’t be able to do without the crappy experiences.

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