Chapter 891: So…Okinawa We Meet Again!!

Finally! New Chapters will feature my 2nd trip to Okinawa during December 2019 before Christmas! I went from Heathrow London to Amsterdam to Kansai KIX to Okinawa. About 23 hours of travel time including a 5 hour layover at KIX. Maybe it’s because I’ve travelled quite a lot now, so I don’t get butterflies in my stomach anymore.

From London to Amsterdam, I’m very familiar with this route and it’s my preferred transfer route because the airports are big and so I can go window shopping to kill time. I think my transfer time at Ams was 2 hours 25 mins. Then it was straight to KIX. The long haul flight was alright, I usually start my long haul flight with a good old movie! And binge watch throughout the journey but will attempt to nap a few times.

When I got to KIX I was knackered as hell. I could feel my soul leave my body. The first thing I did after fetching my luggage was to go to the toilet, change my tshirt, use a wet wipe give myself a wake up call, brush my teeth, wash my face…Then after feeling refreshed I dragged myself to get a sandwich…I can never say no to a Katsu Sando! Then strolled around, and relaxed at the waiting area before checking in my luggage at ANA and going through checks.

I slept like a baby when I was flying from KIX to Naha. Blanked out completely. When I finally got to Naha Airport I was a zombie by this point so I couldn’t really remember the details…I took the Yui Line directly to Kencho Mae Station (県庁前駅) to get to my hotel for an emergency sleep session, since it was already the evening.


4 thoughts on “Chapter 891: So…Okinawa We Meet Again!!

      1. Lol, that’s actually just trying to burn miles. I could have flown home semi-directly from Hong Kong via LA or San Francisco but I needed to use my Virgin Atlantic points, so went the “wrong way” via London. But getting from blighty to Okinawa ain’t no easy task either! 🙂

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