Chapter 892: Maruki Hotel (まるきホテル)

Originally I was going to be staying at a different hotel called the Hotel Hokke Club Naha Shintoshin, now it has been renamed as Almont Hotel Naha Omoromachi (アルモントホテル那覇おもろまち). But, I decided to cancel my booking in favour of Maruki since it was located literally 1 minute from Koncho-Mae Station (県庁前駅), plus I would be extremely tired after such the long haul flight plus 1 short and 1 long layover. The location is definitely a big bonus, easy to get to and easy to find.

When I checked in, the member of staff was extremely welcoming!! I booked my room with payment on arrival as I prefer to pay in the local currency. For 2 nights I paid about 20,000 Yen. After checking in, I quickly showered and freshened up then passed out until the next morning. The room was very cosy, and quiet! I slept like a baby throughout my stay.

The outside view wasn’t anything special, just the main road. But, it’s better than some hotels where some windows are either barred, or that the view is nothing more than the wall from the next building. The best view I ever had was when I was in Marseille, I was staying at the Toyoko Inn…I had a spectacular view of the construction site next door.

Overall, I enjoyed how comfy my room was. The bathroom is a typical Japanese one, cosy-sized, and has a good deep bath tub!! When I re-visit Naha in the future Maruki is definitely on my list for hotels that I would return back to. Kind of like whenever I’m in Sapporo I would opt to stay at the B Hotel in Susukino. Just convenient and easy.


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