Chapter 893: Kourijima (古宇利島)

Just a little bit of Kourijima (古宇利島). I absolutely love beautiful waters…that blue, green, clear beauty. The island is connected to the mainland by the 2 km Kouri Ohashi Bridge. It sort of reminded me little bit of my visit to Tsunoshima Bridge (角島大橋) last year. The driver told me even if we are not in Okinawa, Yamaguchi has nice blue waters too! And, it’s quite funny because I ended up going to Okinawa during the same year. I have to say though, the waters in Yamaguchi were very blue but not as blue as Okinawa.

Kourijima is located only about an hour and 30 mins from Naha city and just 30 mins from Nago (via car) I don’t drive (I really should start learning) so I booked myself in with the Cerulean Sightseeing Bus Company and paid only 4200 Yen, the trip added on a few other places of interest which I’ll cover in later posts. One of the things I didn’t like was the time restrictions, if I had more time to explore Kourijima I would most definitely take a long stroll around this beautiful island. Next time I return to Okinawa, I might hire a taxi to goto more places at my own pace. I did do this towards the end of my trip last year to goto some interesting rural places. Can’t wait to start posting. But for now…Kourijima is just so lovely.


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