Chapter 899: Okinawa Tropical Dream Center Green House (沖縄熱帯ドリームセンター 温室)

Tropical Dream Center Green House (熱帯ドリームセンター 温室)

Instead of heading to the Churaumi Aquarium I went to the Tropical Dream Centre to check out some beautiful flowers, plants and tropical fruits. I have already visited the Churaumi Aquarium during 2017 so I didn’t want to go again. One of the most surprising things was the fact the centre was almost empty, I only about a few staff members and maybe 5 people max. So it was definitely wonderful treat to have a peaceful experience.

Inside the big glass green house you will enter a zone called the flower zone and instantly you will smell the sweet fragrances of thousands of flowers. And of course, it was hot inside but good thing I wore a tee! But had a hoodie on me just in case. There’s a passage way where you go through and you will encounter beautiful orchids, they’re my number one favourite flower. Very cute and I love the colours they have, white, purple and pinks!!

When you reach the long curtains of vines you will see some tropical fruits on display. Durian is one of my favourites, delicious, sweet and so so so tasty! But, unfortunately I don’t get to eat it very often since back home it’s either really expensive or that they don’t have any at oriental markets. I think on the other side there is a man-made indoor lake that has many massive lily pads. I love them so much, sometimes I think omg it might be a Pokemon like Lotad or Lombre. Outside the Greenhouse there is also a garden you can stroll around in. I have mild hayfever but when I visited I wasn’t affected at all, lucky!! I even had some allergy tablets on me just in case.


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