Chapter 901: A Cute Beetle in Okinawa

Inside the Okinawa Tropical centre is a beetle education centre. You get to learn about their existence, what they eat and how they live. They even had a pet-the-beetle area where you can touch them. This shiny black one was adorable, it looked like it recently got polished. They’re very smooth. But, strong creatures. If I recall right, this one was a Black Hercules Beetle which is one of the most well known types of rhinoceros beetles, beetles with a horn. They are common in rainforests and eat mainly decaying wood, fallen leaves, fruits and plants. I know a lot of my friends would not even dare to come close to one and would run away, but I find beetles cute!! Along with snails and frogs. The beetle education centre is very small but pretty cool to have a look around, the staff member who greeted me on the day was very enthusiastic about beetles and also found them adorable.


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