Chapter 911: Okashi Goten in Onna (御菓子御殿恩納店)

Okashi Goten in Onna (御菓子御殿恩納店)

As far as I’m aware there’s 2 branches of Okashi Goten, one in Onna and the other on Kokusaidori in Naha. I visited the Onna branch on the way back from the expo park. There’s a lot of Okinawa local sweets and snacks you can buy here. Sometimes I’ll shock people when I tell them I don’t actually eat a lot of sweeties because I prefer savoury foods. But, occasionally I do, I can’t turn down something like a cheese cake can I? But overall, I’m not like my sister who has a sweet tooth.

So, instead of buying any sweeties I bought myself 3 packed of Okinawa Tea! Green Tea, Hibiscus Tea and Goya Tea (At this point I thought it would be better if I buy the sweets for family when I’m at the airport). The shop also has a factory were you can see how they make: Beni Imo Tart (紅芋タルト) they come in a few flavours, the most popular one is the purple one which is made out of purple yam. The biscuit outer layer is crispy and the creamy top is very soft, sweet but not too sweet. Usually Beni Imo is eaten as yaki imo (焼き芋) roasted sweet potato, which is very popular as a snack.


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