Chapter 912: Cape Manzamo, 2019 (万座毛)

The first time I came here was back in 2017, Chapter 80. Cape Manzamo, otherwise known as the Elephant Rock in Okinawa is located close to Onna Village. Cape Manzamo is popular with both Japanese domestic travellers and also international travellers. The location is very well known for its scenic spot to view the natural rock formation of the cliff that resembles the trunk of an Elephant. Not only that, the area is facing the open East China Sea so it makes a great place to take pictures during a romantic sunset.

They said a long long time ago, one of the Ryukyu Kings said it’s possible to have 10,000 people to sit on the top of cliff. Thus, the name Manzamo was given to the cliff. When you look at the Kanji it reflects this, 万座毛 Man as is 10,000, Za as in to Sit, and Mo as in Field.

When you follow the route to the other side, you will see a white building which is ANA InterContinental Manza Beach Resort. Then you’ll notice a set of 2 rocks connected by rope, this is the Tobera Rock (トベラ岩) also known as the wedded rocks or lovers rocks that was formed over the many years.

There was a small white boat going by and it must have been a great experience because the waters and skies were so blue!! During my first visit back in 2017, I witnessed a wedding photoshoot on the cliff, this time there was no wedding and the small market place near the car park was gone. I remember clearly that they used to sell souvenirs like Okinawa styled shirts, key chains and snacks. Plus, there used to be a lot of stray cats that would sleep on the benches.

Overall, it was another great experience again.


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