Chapter 913: Peaceful Countryside of Okinawa

My friend from Kobe told me that Okinawa is one of Japan’s most poorest prefectures. Despite that, people in Okinawa seem to be happy and live a very long life compared to the rest of Japan. This is mainly due to the typical Okinawan diet of consuming a lot of fruits and veggies. I find that they eat more cooked foods than things like raw fish, sushi etc. Plus, it’s made up of islands so the air is fresher, with a lot of good weather. Okinawa is one of my most loved places to visit in Japan, it’s Japan but not Japan. What a funny feeling. I’ll try to visit Okinawa again maybe next year? I have many places I’d love to go and visit. Plus it’s near Taiwan which I definitely want to visit because this April I had to cancel my trip to Taiwan. So a lot of my plans have been put back…Which means I will have to travel more later!


3 thoughts on “Chapter 913: Peaceful Countryside of Okinawa

  1. Okinawa has interesting relationship with Japan. The Kapanese basically used the okinawan kingdom as a way to engage in trade with China. I am Japanese American and I know that the okinawans were often looked down upon by the mainland Japanese. I have friends tell me they are half okinawan and half Japanese so that tells you something.


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