Chapter 917: Okinawa Lobster and Steak at Ichigin Shokudo (いちぎん食堂)

It was already late but I found a 24 hour restaurant nearby called Ichigin Shokudo (いちぎん食堂). In Naha city I found that there are actually a lot of these kind of restaurants where they stay open all the time, it’s popular amongst locals but also tourists. Usually 24 hour restaurants have almost all kinds of Japanese cooked meals available for good prices, you have whatever you want at whatever time, the last 24 hour restaurant I went to in Naha was at Mikado, chapter 71.

At Ichigin, I decided to go for Lobster (half size) and Steak for 2780 Yen at the ticket machine. It was one of the main advertised dishes on their big standing board. It came with a big bowl of delicious soup, a side salad, some fries peas and a lot of rice. It was very fulfilling!! The lobster was very flavourful, with butter, garlic and lemon. The steak was very tender, NOT CHEWY AT ALL, soft and delicious!


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