Chapter 918: Kokusaidori 2019 (国際通り)

So here we go again, it had been almost 3 years since I had last visited Kokusaidori in Naha. Last time I was here was back in 2017, chapter 104. The vibe hasn’t changed much, still very jammed packed at night. Lively and bright! A lot of students were around, Okinawa is a popular school holiday destination in Japan so most of the time when you visit Naha, even at the airport you will notice big groups of students in their uniforms.

One things for sure, Kokusaidori seemed to have upgraded a little, some shops I remember had refurbished their floors, changed their lighting and neaten up the place. There were some new little food stands too selling juice and mango ice cream etc. Another thing that has changed is that a lot of store staff handing out leaflets or trying to get customers to come in, speak Chinese Mandarin! I noticed a lot of tourist were speaking Cantonese and Mandarin. A lot from Hong Kong and Taiwan! Then again, Taiwan is so close to Okinawa it makes sense. Almost like in Fukuoka Hakata, I noticed a lot of people speaking Korean since South Korea is just across the sea.


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