Chapter 919: Okinawa Umibudo (沖縄海ぶどう)

In Okinawa you will often see something called Umibudo 海ぶどう, otherwise known as green caviar. It’s a type of seaweed covered in many bead-like bubbles.iT has a very unique texture, the bubbles when you bite into them. It’s definitely something interesting to try when you’re in Okinawa, it’s also very popular amongst locals and visitors, plus it can widely available and easy to be found in the local markets and shops.

I bought a pack home and it came with a small portion of Aoshiso (青じそ) which is a dressing that is made from delicious Shiso leaves. I love Umibudo!! It was like eating cold noodles that pop in your mouth. Umibudo is a great sauce of vitamin A and C making it a very healthy snack! I read somewhere that it also has omega3 fatty acids which is excellent for your skin!!


5 thoughts on “Chapter 919: Okinawa Umibudo (沖縄海ぶどう)

  1. Ah, this one! It’s commonly known as sea grape, which one of the commenters mentioned.

    We call this kind of seaweed “lato” or “arosep” in the Philippines, a perfect accompaniment for fried fish. Some mix it with tomatoes and bagoong (savory shrimp paste, similar to belacan).


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