Chapter 921: Okinawa Frog Pouches 2019 (沖縄カエルポーチ)

They’ve changed! The first time I was in Naha, it was 2017, and I found these frog pouches to be a very bizarre accessory hanging around in some of the shops in Kokusaidori. Chapter 102. After 3 years, I made another visit to Okinawa again and found that they were still selling these pouches BUT! They no longer have those freakishly big googly eyes! Now they look like they’re sleeping, plus they are now a light shade of tan brown. Compared to before they had mixed colours, green, brown and some parts of legs were black as if they’re burnt. These new versions, appear to be more plastic looking than previously where they appeared more freakishly real and disturbingly gross. Plus, I seem to remember them being much cheaper, these new ones are selling for 2000 Yen each.


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