Chapter 926: Okinawa Soba (沖縄そば)

When you’re in Okinawa you don’t think about sushi. The most well known dish is Okinawa Soba! It’s one of the most popular dishes to go for. Soba in Japan refers to buckwheat noodles but in Okinawa it is actually more like ramen or udon, which is similar to Chinese noodles. The broth is usually clear and made from pork stock and bonito.

Depending on which restaurant you goto the toppings can vary. But, more often it will come with a boiled egg, onions and red gingers. The meat is usually sliced pork, but Okinawa Soki Soba will come with spear ribs. As far as I am aware, in Okinawa there are 4 main types of soba. Okinawa style soba is the most popular one, followed by Miyako soba, Ishigaki soba and Daito soba, the only difference between them are the noodles.


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