Chapter 928: So…I Flew From Okinawa to Kagoshima

During the middle of my Okinawa travels I flew to Kagoshima! It’s very close and the flight duration lasted for only 1hr and 15 mins from Naha. I had no reason to goto Kagoshima, it was actually a very spontaneous idea, I just thought Oh! It’s close, let’s book me in! I flew with ANA and to be honest I really do enjoy domestic flights in Japan, it’s just so easy and I have never had an unpleasant domestic flight. I headed to Kagoshima and got a widow seat to see the view from above.

Once we landed and all was done, grabbed my luggage and away I went. There is bus stop just outside, you can purchase a ticket from the machines and hop onto the shuttle bus, which was more like a coach. A single fare from Kagoshima airport to the city centre was 1300 Yen. My final destination was at the Tenmonkan (天文館) bus stop. Unfortunately the airport is located quite far from the city, the journey one way took about an hour.


2 thoughts on “Chapter 928: So…I Flew From Okinawa to Kagoshima

  1. When I was in college I took the ferry from Kagoshima to Okinawa and back. I will tell you that story sometime. Worst Christmas ever

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