Chapter 936: The 13 Stone Buddha Statues (石仏十三体)

There are 13 Stone Buddha Statues (石仏十三体) on Shiroyama. The path was a bit…interesting. If you drive you will not be able to stop on this route, so the only way to visit here, is by walking. Just make sure you walk closely to the side as there are occasionally cars, buses and coaches passing by, if you need to cross make sure you check left and right because I found it not exactly the best walk-friendly path, but mostly quiet.

According to the information board, 13 out of the 88 of the original stone Buddhas were enshrine here on Shiroyama. Kobo Taishi / Koubou Daishi (弘法大師) also known as Kuukai (空海) was a Japanese Buddhist Monk who in the Heian era founded the Shingonshu Buddhist Sect. All the little buddhas were wearing cute red knitted cloaks and triangular hats. Someone had put a blue plastic cover over the little shrine to keep it from flooding during the rainy season. It was a very interesting place to visit, quiet with no one else around.


7 thoughts on “Chapter 936: The 13 Stone Buddha Statues (石仏十三体)

  1. These are statues of Jizo, who is actually a bodhisattva, something along the lines of a saint. This is probably a replica of the 88 Temple Pilgrimage of Shikoku. They are all over the place in Japan.


      1. Maruyama Park in Sapporo also has a trail with 88 statues of Jizo. I know you are a fan of Hokkaido. Pretty easy hike and you get a nice view of the city.

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    1. I still to this day haven’t been to Nikko, every-time I am in Japan I always say I will goto visit Nikko but always something comes up and I goto a different place. But next time in the near future I will for sure because I saw so many beautiful pictures online 🙂

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      1. It’s definitely worth it! Not only are the bake jizo photogenic in themselves, but they’re also located along a scenic river. And the Toshogu temple has the super-famous and iconic “nemuri neko” (sleeping cat) and the three monkeys hearing no evil, seeing no evil, and speaking no evil. There are some nice places to stay along the river, too. Check it out!

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