Chapter 942: Inari River, JR Nippo Main Line, Yasaka Shrine (稲荷川・JR日豊本線 ・八坂神社)

Inari River, JR Nippo Main Line, Yasaka Shrine

(稲荷川・JR日豊本線 ・八坂神社)

I was on my way to the Kagoshima Sengan-en (仙巌園) but I decided to walk it since it was only about 20-30 mins away at the time. The Inari river runs through Kagoshima city, this was the view went I was crossing at the tracks of the JR Nippo Main Line. It was a very peaceful area. As I walked I noticed a red building, and torii gate. It was the Yasaka Shrine, I didn’t go inside mainly because I wanted to get to the gardens sooner than later since it was already late afternoon and I didn’t want to be rushing.


7 thoughts on “Chapter 942: Inari River, JR Nippo Main Line, Yasaka Shrine (稲荷川・JR日豊本線 ・八坂神社)

    1. Yes, it was amazing, although it was a spontaneous decision I made during my Okinawa trip. So I went from naha to kagoshima then back again to naha and ishigaki. Kagoshima is a beautiful place!!


  1. It looks so lovely here! I’m really thankful that you share so much of your Japan travels, it opens my eyes to areas I’ve never really thought to go to before, or haven’t heard of. I’m always looking for more new Japan experiences 🙂

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    1. Kagoshima is such a lovely place and one of my favourites so far. I think I have too many favourite places when it comes to Japan. I definitely recommend visiting Kagoshima, and thank you so much I really appreciate it 🙂

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