Chapter 943: Gionnosu Park (祇園之洲公園)

岩永三五郎之像 – Statue of Sangoro Iwanaga
高麗橋 – Koraibashi
西南の役官軍戦没者慰霊塔 – Southwest Officer Military War Memorial
薩英戦争記念碑 – Satsuei War Memorial

One of the first things you’ll notice when visiting Gionnosu Park (祇園之洲公園) is the Statue of Sangoro Iwanaga (岩永三五郎之像). He was a bridge builder who was from Kumamoto during the end of the Edo period to build 36 bridges in Satsuma. To be honest I find stone bridges very pretty, it sort of reminded me of the Meganebashi bridge in Nagasaki. The day was very cloudy and the park was very empty, the only person in sight I remember was an elderly lady walking her little dog. In the far distance you will see Sakurajima and it’s a great area to to sit and relax. Gionnosu Park (祇園之洲公園) is connected to the Ishibashi Memorial Park (石橋記念公園).


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