Chapter 944: Gionnosu Green Space (祇園之洲緑地)

This was around the Gionnosu Green Space (祇園之洲緑地). You can walk towards the river side and be blessed with the perfect view of Sakurajima, because it’s still an active volcano you will always see it smoking on the side. I got to see one of the ferries go by and there are a lot of tall palm trees around so it really gives off a tropical vibe. One of the things I love about walking is that you will always see far more, sometimes I will find unexpected things to look at and appreciate its beauty. The waters that day appeared quite calm and my mood also was very calm. I remember when I was walking towards the river side there was a big car park space, but hardly anyone around at the time. The light breeze made me feel so happy and I could probably stay here and have a picnic.


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