Chapter 946: Sengan-en (仙巌園)

Sengan-en Garden (仙巌園) is located along the coast of Kagoshima city. The garden is also known as Isoteien (磯庭園). It is a popular place to visit as it offers not only a beautiful Japanese landscape garden but also the striking view of Sakurajima and the Kagoshima bay makes it a breath of fresh air to be walking around on a good day. The garden comprises of some small ponds, lovely streams and shrines. On the day it wasn’t at all busy, it was quiet and found the garden so peaceful and calming.

The garden has a traditional house which was owned by the Iso residence, built in 1658, however the current house dates back to the 1880’s because it was reconstructed. Like many historic buildings in Japan, things always rebuilt, renovated and maintained to preserve its history. The Iso residence became the main residence of the Shimazu family after the end of the feudal age. You can enter the house to explore the interior for an extra small fee. On the day I just got the basic ticket.

The garden is well known for it’s variety of trees and plants. With many sakura trees planted which makes it a good place to visit during spring and even fall. I thoroughly enjoyed taking my time strolling the gardens, the tranquil greenery and peaceful sound of silence was certainly a breath of fresh air. I love quiet places, nature especially….


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