Chapter 947: Oniwa Shrine (御庭神社)

Oniwa Shrine (御庭神社)

This is said to be one of the luckiest shrines in Sengan-en. In history there are a total of 13 shrines from the Shimazu family who moved to Kagoshima in the late 19th century. All 13 shrines were collected togther to be made into 1 shrine that now stands on a hill in the Sengan-en. The shrine is covered in a lot of green moss, even the wooden torii stands a mighty green. Although little, it does have quite a peaceful atmosphere and holy vibe.


3 thoughts on “Chapter 947: Oniwa Shrine (御庭神社)

  1. Beautiful. Even when “borrowed scenery” (借景) isn’t formally applied, as it is to many Japanese gardens, the aesthetic is still there. And this shrine harmonizes beautifully with the surrounding nature–as do most temples, gardens, and shrines in Japan! Makes me homesick for my life there. Thank you so much for posting about it.

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