Chapter 948: Nekogami Shrine, Cat Shrine (猫神神社)

This is the cat shrine in Sengan-en, Kagoshima. Here you get to pray for the good health for your feline friend/friends. I don’t have one yet but one day I will. Cat are just so beautiful, whatever the colour of fur they always always have the most amazing eyes that resemble precious gems, whether mysteriously dark or vivid bright, I just love how majestic cats are. And, here we are a dedicated cat shrine!! There is a background story to this cute shrine, during the late 16th century the 17th lord of the Shimazu clan, Yoshihiro took his 7 cats with him to the army in Korea. But sadly only 2 cats survived and the they are enshrined here as shown by the 2 flower stands shaped like cat faces. The ema plaques on the board are so adorable, all featuring cats!! Before you reach the shrine there is a small wooden house that has many cute cat themed items.


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