Chapter 952: The Sakurajima Ferry (桜島フェリー)

Hurray! I made it on the ferry. I took the 8am ferry and little did I know…I was freezing!! Although the weather was warm later on, the morning was chilly and I really regret not bringing my thicker hoodie on this day. The Kagoshima ferry port is easy to reach, there’s a frequent service between throughout the day, usually 1 ferry every 15-20 mins. I think it’s every 30 mins after 8pm, then every 1 hour after 11pm. So it was very convenient and easy to cross the waters. A 1 way journey is also quick, only 15 mins and you’ll reach the island! Plus, it only costs 200 yen per ride, just go through and before boarding a member of staff will be standing to collect your coins. The day was very pretty, blue skies and waters. I stayed upstairs for a little while to get a good view, then prompted in going inside to hide from the cold.


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