Chapter 954: Tsukiyomi Shrine (月讀神社)

I arrived a bit earlier to the island before the first bus was operating, I bought the one-day pass (500 Yen, and damn worth it!) available at the tourist office when you arrive, which allowed me to hop on and off unlimited all day to see all the attraction stops. Just 1-2 mins away from the Sakurajima Port Terminal / Bus Stop, is a lovely little shrine called the Tsukiyomi Shrine (月讀神社) on top of all the steps on the hill top. This shrine is the biggest one on the island. The shrine was established around year 708 – 715, the deity enshrined here is the Tsukuyomi no Mikoto whom is the God of the moon and sea and famously, Konohana Sakuya Hime the goddess of tree blooming blossoms in the Japanese Shinto mythology. Fun fact is ‘Sakurajima’ is named after Konohana Sakuya Hime, and previously the island was called Sakuya-jima.


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