Chapter 955: Karasujima Observatory (烏島展望所)

My first stop was the Karasujima Observatory (烏島展望所). With the Sakurajima One-Day Pass I got to go on and off the buses. With the pass you can choose to goto all attractions (theres 2 bus routes, with common stops and special stops to other places) but for me I only picked a hand full of paces that I thought would be interesting for me. When I got off this stop it was very very quiet, however 1 group of teens got off with me to explore the sight. The observatory offers the best of both worlds, the view of the Sakurajima mountain that’s always smoking and on the opposite direction is the blue Kinko bay in the distance.

The area here is made up of big grey sea formed rocks which were pretty cool. A fun fact, during one major eruption in 1914 it caused a plume that reached about 8000 metres high and made its way spilling 43 billion tons of lava in just 1 month. The lava connected Sakurajima and the Osumi Peninsula, a small island which was known as Karasujima 烏島it was swallowed up by the lava and now it is what we see today, a very cool location for an observatory.


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