Chapter 960: Yunohira View Place (湯之平展望所)

In Sakurajima, this is probably one of the top popular spots to visit. Yunohira View Place (湯之平展望所) is the highest point of Mt. Sakurajima that is opened to everyone to get an amazing view of the smoking volcano. On the other side you will also get to see a wonderful view of Kagoshima city and also the Kinko bay. When you get to this location the outside of the observatory is very dusty. The bus driver took a break and left the bus doors opened for anyone wanting to hop on, and a rush of wind blew in a lot of ashes…at that moment in time I thought to myself ‘why did I not bring any face masks?’ inside the observatory is a shop that sells many souvenirs, and I think a toilet if I recall correctly.


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