Chapter 963: I Bought Disney Glasses From Zoff Japan

I’m a bit of a glasses freak and I love having the option to change my glasses so I’m not stuck with only one style. I bought 2 new glasses from Zoff Japan. Snow White was a big part of my childhood, and I’m a massive Frozen fan so these were undeniably a-buy-without-any-second-thoughts!
Both consists of the 50% Blue light cut feature. I find that blue-light blocking lenses really work for me because I don’t get stupid migraines or eyestrain/tired eyes when working on the computer anymore. I found that the filter was noticeably stronger than my other glasses (a more yellow tint when looking through the lenses) but a strong blue reflection on the lenses when exposed to any digital device or sunlight. And, I added a layer of Super Hard Coat (スーパーハード・コート) to both pairs which was an extra ¥3300 each. I read that it makes the lenses 3 times more scratch-resistant than any standard lenses. It is also anti-reflective, anti-static (repels dust), super water repellent, and it’s easier to clean.
The 1st pair: Spring Princess Series Classic Line【白雪姫】ZF202003-43E1 カラー:ブラウン
I opted for the thinnest lens option of index 1.76 and this was the thinnest they could get it to with my prescription R-7.25, L-6.50. You can still see a bit of the lenses poking through since the frames are very thin. The temples of the frames resemble tree branches and the red diamond in middle of the apple is so cute and really adds to that Disney magical feel.
I got these in the brown, they did have the black version but I thought these looked better. Although listed as brown, they do have a hint of deep red if you look closely. These were definitely love at first sight. They also had these with the plastic frames but they were sold out. I settled on this classic pair and I love the design so much!! It’s probably the best pair of prescription glasses I have ever owned!
I love the hard case it came with. Embossed with little apples… it’s not super noticeable but some apples have been bitten.
The tips of the temples have Snow White’s puffy sleeves. It also came with a matching microfibre cleaning cloth.
The frames alone were ¥11,000 at the time. I picked out the option of thin aspherical lens with the 50% Blue light cut plus the thinnest lens option of index 1.76 (薄型非球面レンズブルーライト約50%カット – 屈折率1.76 ) which costs an extra¥13,200. It said that the thin aspherical lenses is designed to help reduce distortion giving the user a more natural appearance. It does however still have some distortion on the sides – just look at the sides of Bewears face! But it’s indeed not as noticeable when compared with my other glasses. So in total these costed me: ¥27,500 including the hard coating.
The 2nd pair: 『アナと雪の女王2』FROZEN Ⅱ series Classic Line ZF191009-81A1 カラー:パープル
I got these as non-prescription glasses for days when I’m wearing contact lenses but still have to work on a computer. The frames were ¥11,000 at the time. I got the 50% blue-light cut lenses for free as it came as a set if you don’t need lens thinning. These in total were¥14,300 including the hard coating. The case is exactly the same as the Snow White one but instead of apples, it’s embossed with snow flakes. Plus it also came with a matching microfibre cleaning cloth featuring Anna and Elsa from FROZEN II the movie. I love the snowflakes on the temples!! THESE ARE SUPER CUTE FRAMES!! and I’m so happy I got them. They also did these in a light grey but I thought the dark purple looked so much more cool.
I think these frame look much more amazing on Halloween Pikachu! They’re very light weight and comfortable.
I’ve clung onto thick plastic frames for many years now because they can hide the thickness pretty well without paying extra for thinner lenses. But recently I have been very fond of metal frames that have silicone nose-pads as I find that they sit much better on my nose. Overall, I’m a very happy bunny!


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  1. Not sure if you are aware of this, but there is a huge resale market for Disney goods in Japan. A friend of mine travels overseas from Japan to Disneylands, mostly Hong Kong, to buy regional goods to bring back to Japan. She then sells them on her website. Basically just doubles the price.

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