Chapter 967: My Glasses Collection From 2008 – Now

I have a strange obsession over glasses. I would have more but before 2008 I lost, broke and chucked them away. So I have to start my collection from 2008 when I first discovered online shops that sold glasses for affordable prices. The most expensive ones were my 3 x Red or Dead from Specsavers, 2x Disney from Zoff Japan, 1 x Kyusu from Boots and 1 x Balmain Paris, also from Specsavers.

I have 3 non-prescription glasses with the blue-light filter (for when I wear contacts and need to work on a computer) and the rest are with prescription. Overall, I have a total of 40 pairs. I started off with narrow frames because they were popular during school and college. Slowly they got bigger and bigger. Nowadays I like metal-over-sized frames much more, especially ones with silicone nose-pads to prevent the frames from sliding.

I’ve always felt insecure wearing glasses outside of the house. The distortion and thickness makes the sides of my head appear squished inwards and my eyes appear smaller…like Ditto. Since the lockdown and working from home, I’ve sort of learnt to embrace wearing glasses. I mean…there’s really no reason to wear contacts in the house and it’s just easier.


4 thoughts on “Chapter 967: My Glasses Collection From 2008 – Now

  1. Love those bright red ones in the top picture! I know what you mean about affordable glasses being addicting. Ever since I moved to Japan, I’ve been getting new glasses yearly. One pair is for work (the super stylish ones) while another is for home (usually with super oversized frames).

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