Chapter 973: Hotel Gate In Kagoshima, Manga, Sakurajima (ホテルゲートイン鹿児島 ・漫画・櫻島)

Honestly, this was one of the nicest hotels I’ve stayed and it wasn’t too expensive! Hotel Gate is located conveniently just a few minutes walk from Tenmonkandori and all the high street shops like Don Quijote, shopping centres and there’s plenty to eat nearby. The reception and lobby is very lovely. As a welcome gift I was given a choice of a 500ml bottle of green tea or a can of Asahi beer. I went for the green tea. The staff members are extremely friendly here and it felt so homey.

I was staying in the Premium Bath Terrace room and it was 7,500 yen per night and I stayed here for a total of 2 nights. The room had a semi-outside bath which was very relaxing and they left me with some aromatic bath salts too. There was also a 2nd bath-tub in the toilet/shower room. The upper shelf is decoration with cute rabbits, vintage bottles and books… It was just so comfortable and extremely silent at night…The bed was so comfy I slept like a baby.

I can’t remember which floors, but there were 2 floors that had a manga section for you to borrow some something cool to read. They had a lot of mainstream and popular titles like Prince of Tennis (テニスの王子様), Hana Yori Dango (花より男子) , I also found a very interesting title called Nounai Poison Berry (脳内ポイズンベリー). Aside from manga, when I went upstairs to the top floor to do my laundry I got to see a beautiful view of Sakurajima!! I absolutely loved my little stay!


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