Chapter 976: Pancake With Matcha Cream

You just can’t go wrong with matcha. It tastes so good, as tea or dessert!! I got this little treat from the 7-11 on the way back to the hotel. Not too sweet and is mixed with red bean sauce. The matcha cream is very silky and smooth!! Taste very yummy and it was less than 200 yen.


2 thoughts on “Chapter 976: Pancake With Matcha Cream

  1. Nobody does green tea like Japan. I’ve traveled (and lived) extensively in Asia and tried hundreds of different green teas throughout the region and there is not even a close second to Japanese green tea (sorry Chinese and Korean patriots–yours is not even in the same league). When it comes to green tea products, though, the world has managed to up its game and there are some pretty good things out there. Häagen-Dazs actually does a really good green tea ice cream. But every time I think the world might have caught up, I taste Japanese green tea ice cream and other green tea delicacies there and it always has just that spark of magic that I don’t think the rest of the world will ever be able to completely match. (The one thing I don’t like in any way shape or form, though, despite having given heroic efforts over the years to like it is sweet red bean paste in any form. I just don’t get it.)

    For one of the most sublime ice cream combos you’ll likely ever encounter, head to the city of Kamakura for their soft ice cream twist combo of green tea and “beni imo” (紅芋). I’ve never really found a translation for beni imo that I liked, but I guess “purple yam” isn’t a bad attempt. Kamakura is the only place in Japan (or the world) I’ve ever encountered that combo, and it’s my favorite. Kamakura is also a craft beer hub, so don’t forget to try some of its great local offerings while you’re there. And of course Kamakura has exquisite architecture as it was the seat of government during the Kamakura period in the years around the 12th century CE. Finally, after a morning of sightseeing in Kamakura and a craft beer lunch followed by a beni imo/green tea ice cream dessert, head out to the scenic island of Enoshima and watch the sunset from a café balcony with another Kamakura craft beer. I can’t think of too many better days out than that.

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