Chapter 977: Kumasotei, Taka Course Meal (熊襲亭・貴コース)

Alright! I was very very very hungry at this point and only survived on little snacks all day. I saved myself to visit Kumasotei (熊襲亭) for dinner which is a lovely restaurant located close to the Tenmonkan bus stop. You can walk it and it only takes about 3 mins. The exterior is all black and looks a little mysterious. Upon entering I had no reservations but it wasn’t busy so they were happy for me to sit by the counter. I already did some pre-research about their menu and I already knew I wanted to try which was their Taka Couse (貴コース) costing about 5000 Yen. And it was one of their top recommended courses to go for to try some local dishes.

The entire course came with Black Pork Shabu Shabu and tonkotsu, Jidori no Tataki (Seared chicken), Satsuma-age (deep fried fish-cake), marinated snails on a tooth pick, Kibinago-Sashimi ( raw silver stripped herring), pickled veggies, some appetisers, Satsuma-Jiru (miso and pork broth miso soup), Sakezushi (rice marinated in sake) which came with little bits of mixed seafood and some greens. And for dessert it came with 2 blocks of sweet jelly.

The local dishes are the black pork, jidori no tataki with sweet soysauce, kibinago-sashimi and sakezushi. Of course there’s many other local dishes to try but I don’t have enough capacity to eat that much….One of the things I hate is not being able to eat a lot at once because I alway want to try many different things. Out of all the lovely dishes here, the one I almost gave up on was the Sakezushi…I don’t drink sake and it was very strong and quite powerful since all I could taste was the sake and nothing else. So I ended up struggling quite a bit but managed to finish because I didn’t want to waste food. I’ve tried seared chicken before but didn’t like it back then, but with sweet soy-sauce it was a different story. Quite tasty in fact. My favourite was the shabu shabu plus deep fried fish cake. I thought they were the best!

The restaurant is very very lovely, staff are so welcoming and made my day feel complete. I was very happy trying out this restaurant.


4 thoughts on “Chapter 977: Kumasotei, Taka Course Meal (熊襲亭・貴コース)

    1. I’ve tried snails in paris before and they were quite tasty but mainly because they marinated it in A LOT of garlic and butter and some herbs. The marinated snails here had a very subtle taste, not delicious but eatable.


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