Chapter 984: I Went From Kagoshima to Ishigaki Island

I was staying only a few mins away from the Airport bus stop. It may not be too obvious but it’s located across the road from the Green Rich Hotel Building and behind the bus stop is a car park.
The timetable is quite regular and I think one way back to the airport cost 1000 Yen upon arrival. If you have luggage, you can just let the driver know which airline you are taking so he can organise the bag storage according to airlines. And hop on and pay. Not sure if the prices have changed but I do remember only paying a 1000 yen bill. Can’t remember if they take card but to be safe, just have cash ready.
When I arrived at the airport (the journey took about 40-50 mins) it was smooth sailing from there. Checked in my luggage with ANA and got my boarding passes. There are no direct flights to Ishigaki from Kagoshima so I had to make a short layover at Naha which was fine. For both flights I asked for window seats.
This view was engraved into my memory and I loved beautiful it looked from above in the early morning. The plane did a big C turn in the air and when looking out the window I felt a bit dizzy.
The view from above is like heaven, you can grab a spectacular view of Sakurajima!! Here’s a mall video clip I recorded on my phone. Hopefully it uploads properly, to be honest all this time I didn’t know I could upload videos.


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