Chapter 787: I bought Some Second-Hand Anime Merchandise

Hi, recently I bought some anime merchandise. Since I’m heart broken by the fact I can not travel anywhere anytime soon…I bought some second hand stuff for my birthday.
I got a lovey tapestry of Team Hoshishiro from Aoharu x Machinegun. It’s one of my favourite anime and manga…The character I love the most has to be Midori Nagamasa! I love him more in the manga. Plus I think Team Hoshishiro’s uniform is the coolest out of the entire series. Fujimon and Ichi are also my top favourite characters. The size is 42 x 59.4cm and it’s the official linsenced product released back in 2015. It’s made from silky fabric and I’m so happy to have it.
I actually have Yuuki’s version on my wardrobe which I got as a free gift with one of the old G-fantasy monthly releases. I missed getting this one so I had to have it. It’s 68 x 25cm in size and still looks like it’s in mint condition.
Truth be told, he may be an extreme sadist but he’s pretty hot. Especially in the manga. I’m still waiting for season 2…Not sure if it will ever happen but the story is so damn good that it should!!
I love glasses but I don’t have nice cases. I got the official Bungou Stray Dogs case set which came will a love microfibre cleaning cloth. I love the design of this so much!!
The back of the case continues with its brown checkered patterns has a seal in the middle.
This is the 2nd case I got, it features the Port mafia crew in their chibi forms.
I absolutely love this because it’s so adorable!! The cleaning cloth has the younger Dazai on it. Dazai is my favourite character in the series…2nd comes Chuuya!!
I also couldn’t resist getting this! A bungou stray dogs glasses pouch…It’s designed and made by a company called Graffart Japan.
And…a Miira no Kaikata pouch! One of the cutest anime series I’ve ever watched that made me want my own mini mummy as a pet!! Mii-kun is the best.
Another favourite anime / manga of mine is Oushitsu Kyoushi Haine, the Royal Tutor Heine. This one is more subtle than the other 2 pouches and looks like a book cover featuring little Heine in the middle!! He’s so cute.
I also got a used glasses cloth featuring Midori Nagamasa in his chibi form.
And yes…I’m still using an iphone 5…So it was almost impossible for me to find new anime cases for an old phone. But I found this and I had to have it. The corner top left is slightly creased but overall still in fine condition. The official release year on this was 2015.
It’s got a silhouette of Dazai on the front with his ability 人間失格 – Ningen Shikkaku (No longer human. One cool fact is Osamu Dazai (太宰 治) was a real person, he was a Poet who wrote a book called 人間失格 – Ningen Shikkaku. So It’s pretty cool that they made a series featuring a real person.
The inside has a black plastic casing for my phone and 2 card slots. The clasp is magnetic and closes easily.
Burgundy is one of my favourite colours too, so this was a big must!! I’ve over the moon right now and I’ve very very happy with my purchase.


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