Chapter 992: When You See This Dump Yard…

When you see this dump yard / recycling place…You know you’re on track and you’re just a few mins away from the Limestone cave. The cave is called: Ishigaki Stalactite Cave
(石垣島鍾乳洞) It started to rain again at this point and I desperately needed shelter because I didn’t have an umbrella. Only my coat, luckily with a hood. The plan was to head to the Banna park (バンナ公園) after visiting the cave then walk another hour to
Toujin Tomb then back to the port….but the weather just didn’t wanna be on my side and it started to pour non-stop and it got cold, some parts of the dirt road was getting very slippery and muddy. So I gave up on the after-plans and continued walking to the cave! At least I would have ticked off the place I REALLY wanted to visit. Sometimes plans don’t go ahead because of whatever, but at least you get to do one of more of the things you have on your list. At one point I was questioning myself ‘Where the hell am I?’ and ‘Why the hell do I not have driving license?’


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