Chapter 993: Ishigaki Island Limestone Cave (石垣島鍾乳洞)

Ishigaki Island Limestone Cave (石垣島鍾乳洞) was one of the places I was looking forward to visiting. The last limestone cave I ever went to was the Akiyoshido Cave (Chapter 636). I expected the Ishigaki cave to be tiny but it was bigger than expected and I spent about an hour and a half slowly checking things out. Upon arriving you will see some cute goats and the entry fee was 1100 yen, they only accept cash payments.

The entrance is small and you will get so see some pretty butterflies…I saw some cool golden cocoons before going down to the darkness. It was pretty humid and damp inside. There were so many cool limestones, a lot of them appeared eerie as if you could almost make out a human face or a monster. Sometimes you’ll get a cold drip of water coming from the ceiling, it’s good to wear suitable clothing and shoes. I was pretty damp from the rain already so a bit of water from the ceilings was nothing.

I think during the mid-point there was a photo-booth stand and a member of staff at the desk who would ask if you’d like to get a photo done for a small fee. I remember it being very quiet and there were only 2 other people around. I like caves, I think they’re really cool and fascinating. It’s like entering a whole new world and going back in time. I enjoyed my visit very much and would love to visit more caves in the future!


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