Chapter 996: Just Some Food I Got From Family Mart

I got some food from the local family mart. It was about a minute away. I really like Okinawa style sandwiches. It has seaweed wrapped in rice and there’s many flavours. I bought 3, Cheese Hamburger, Shiso and Pork Katsu Tacos Cheese. An Okinawa pot soba comes in handy when I get peckish randomly in the night. Some cold sushi which was great since despite the cloudy rainy weather, it was hot and humid. I also got some Ishigaki Milk and natto maki rolls and a pot of Calbee sticks.
When I first tasted Natto I never liked it and thought it was gross. But slowly the taste grew on me and I ended up liking it and would opt to buy it. Natto has many health benefits. It’s high in fibre, probiotics, good for diets and reduce cholesterol and high blood pressure.


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