Chapter 1001: Getting My Tickets At Ishigaki Port

I had booked my tour many months in advance and I was extremely excited to go on this island hopping tour despite the weather raining down and the dark clouds. I had to buy an umbrella at one of the local shops because I knew the weather was going to be bad. Another thing was…I was hoping the boats wouldn’t sway too much because I do get a little scared.

I approached the ticket office to collect my tickets, the staff were extremely welcoming and very helpful. I was then handed a yellow strip of mini tickets. The tour was called R-1 Yaeyama Islands Four Island Tour (Iriomote Island, Yubu Island, Kohama Island & Taketomi Island) 八重山諸島4島(西表島・由布島・小浜島・竹富島.) there would be no designated tour-guide but on each island there will be staff leading you to the destinations.


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