Chapter 1003: Nakama River ・Mangrove (仲間川・マングローブ)

Nakama River ・Mangrove (仲間川・マングローブ) was certainly an amazing experience. I’ve never seen mangrove forests before and this was extremely new to me. The Nakama River is known as Iriomote’s amazon river. Here’s a fun fact, there are approx 500-600 hectares of mangrove forests in the whole of Japan, but here at this river it accounts for over 200 of them, which makes it Japan’s largest mangrove forest. On the 1 hour boat ride I was amazed at the roots! They looked freakishly eerie yet I was fascinated, some roots appeared to look like they were glowing. It was raining on and off, the boat had plastic sheets for windows, which could be rolled up and tied back to get a better view! I didn’t see any wildlife, but I saw a bright fruit!! I overall really enjoyed this boat trip.


5 thoughts on “Chapter 1003: Nakama River ・Mangrove (仲間川・マングローブ)

    1. Oh…I’d love to visit Singapore in the future when things are safe again. I was planning to go during 2019 Christmas week since I had a week off from work. But never did because the plane tickets were a bit too pricey at the time.


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